Purepipe can be found in some of the most demanding of situation, most notably within the Hydro sector. Where high extraction rates are obtained combined with significant head falls, the resulting torrent of water at the turbine can be up to 40bar pressure/580PSI. Being able to convey this body of water consistency with minimal resistance by the penstock is demanding on any pipe system – the only corrosion proof solution is a Purepipe system.

Even with Purepipe’s industry leading 65% minimum glass fibre content the correct design is vital and we take account of the following:

  • Mean Flow Velocity
  • Abrasion properties of the water
  • Soil Conditions
  • Traffic load
  • Burial Depth
  • Water table
  • Vacuum Conditions

With energy costs rising the prudent investor will install a Purepipe system secure in the knowledge that only glass fibre and resin has been used in the manufacturing process.
When it comes to hydro installations, manage the pwer production and not the penstock – specify Purepipe Pressure.

To request a sample of any of our products just email samples@purepipe.co.uk and we will send you a full pack within 3 working days.