Waste Authorities throughout Europe are currently faced with the relining of sewerage networks. Traditionally formed in brick, the tunnels all possess unique dimensional characteristics and many are in a poor and structurally unstable condition.

Relining the tunnels with GRP liners, the waste Authorities are able to save significantly on their operating and maintenance costs.

The Reform liners manufactured at Purepipe are all bespoke with new mandrels fabricated to the client’s requirements. Approved to WRc Standards the liners are sold in typical 1.2m lengths, slipped into place with grout pumped into the surrounding cavity. The liners are joined to each other by simple push fit collar and spigot joints.

Reform’s isophthalic glass fibre chemical barrier is overlaid using an orthophthalic provides the following benefits:

  • Stiffness to meet client specifications
  • Corrosion resistance to Ammonia derivatives, Hydrogen Sulphides, and Sludge
  • Increased flow velocity due to smoothness of the internal finish
  • 50 years design life.