In conjunction with Queens University, Cork Institute of Technology, M.G. Composites, and Exova Testing – Purepipes’s range of products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the following international specifications and test procedures:


  • Has superior strength to weight ratio compared to other materials
  • Comes complete with integral joints, allowing rapid site installation
  • Permits high flow velocities up to 4m/sec with its ultra smooth internal surface
  • Performs consistently for 50 years plus
  • Produces lower surge pressure than other pipe material
  • Is light and easy to transport/move on site
  • Is corrosion tolerant and can convey the most toxic of chemicals
  • Is Temperature tolerant up to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Is Electically non conductive
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Requires minimal protection from the environment.

Purepipe products can be designed to provide:

  • Positive pressures of up tp PN40
  • Stiffness class of up to SN10000 (higher if required)
  • Significant external load resistance
  • Flexibility to deform in excess of 10% and still return to its original shape
  • Nesting of different sizes of pipe inside each other to reduce transport costs.

Purepipe has professional expertise at its core. With over 20years GRP manufacturing
experience in transmission, storage, process and pressure systems, we have a firm
foundation. The ethos behind Purepipe’s team of engineers is to work alongside the
Client, the Consultant and the Contractor. We recognise the different needs of these

Purepipe is able to meet the diverse requirements from the Petrochemical, Energy, Waste and Hydro Sectors. Each project produces different geological, environmental and operational issues. Each project requires a different skillset.

With due diligence the correct resins, fibres, joints, supports, and peripherals can be designed into the manufacturing process.

  • Professionalism in design
  • Professionalism in manufacturing
  • Professionalism in commissioning

Purepipe provides the solution to partner you.