Our Process

The Purepipe Way
Purepipe is the only company in the British Isles that manufactures large diameter composite pipe using Discontinuous Helical Filament Winding Technology. Purepipe has typically 3 times more glass fibre content than other forms of composite pipe and with no filler materials (sand), it has pure glass fibre and resin throughout its structure. With helical laying of the glass fibre Purepipe is stronger, lighter and has no micro-stress particles caused by sand filler granules.

Manufacturing with Ease

  • Decide on what pressure class you require
  • Decide on what stiffness class you require
  • Decide on what diameter your require
  • Decide on what joint system you require
  • Decide on what lengths you require
  • Decide if you want bends attached to pipes or other items
  • Decide on what thermal properties you require
  • Decide on your quantity

The whole manufacturing process at Purepipe gives more flexibility. The discontinuous balanced helical filament winding process impregnates the glass fibre rovings with resin before being positioned onto a mandrel at a precise angle and at a designed concentration I accordance with your projects requirements.

At Purepipe we give you a 100% composite pipe system designed together with our engineers to meet your requirements. It is simply the best performing composite pipe system available.